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issuing criminal record in china for foreigners

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issuing criminal record in china for foreigners
Needed Documents.
1. Passport ( when you were in china ) 1st page and all stamped (exit, entry) pages and
    visa pages.  scan and send to e mail.
2. Certificate (graduation, employment etc.....)
3. Present Passport  scan.
4. criminal record period. ex. from 2010.4  to 2012.08
scan all the 1, 2, 3 and email to us.
we will review and check the possibility to issuing criminal record in china and
inform to you by email or phone call.
in will take about 2-3 weeks including english translation and Certificatiion from china Dept.
cost. 400  - 1,000 us. ( depend on location, data, etc.....)
Account holder’s name : Crown Life Science Co., Ltd.

Bank name : Industrial Bank of Korea.

Account number: 148-073965-04-018

Routing number SWIFE CODE : IBKOKRSE

Complete bank address :  Industrial Bank of Korea
50, Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea. zip:100-758
Question : 0082-010-8420-1529 Mr. Park.  070-4012-4447
Issuing documents in Korea. ex: Certificate of Familiy registrion, Marriage, Basic....Crimianl record..
etc..... call to 0082 010 8420 1529

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